Maserati Extended Warranty Options

2020 Maserati Levante

Your Los Angeles Maserati vehicle was built by passionate engineers dedicated to the craft of designing potent, stylish, boundary-pushing machines. It’s important to treat it as such with expert care and maintenance at the required intervals. In addition to the Maserati factory warranty that comes with a new purchase, there are two Maserati Extended Warranty options Pasadena drivers can opt into to take the protection of their luxury high-performer to new heights. Below, Rusnak Maserati of Pasadena covers the details of the Maserati Extended Warranty options.

Maserati Extended Warranty: Up to 5 Years Fully Covered

The contractual factory warranty for your Maserati vehicle comes with 4 years of coverage or 50,000 miles (whichever comes first. It can be extended an extra 1 or 2 years, protecting your vehicle up to the 6th year from the in-service date. If you wish to extend your warranty, you must put in a request no later than the expiration date of the original warranty. When you opt into the 1-year Maserati Extended Warranty, Maserati gives you the option to request 1 additional year, which must be requested by the 4th-year extended warranty term. Here’s a breakdown of the coverage details for this warranty:

  • Available on select models: Ghibli, Quattroporte, Levante, GranTurismo, and GranCabrio
  • ISO-standard warranty (bumper-to-bumper coverage)
  • Covered for unlimited mileage after activation

If you’ve purchased a Certified Pre-owned Maserati, you’ll see an additional year of warranty coverage on top of the original manufacturer warranty with unlimited mileage.

In addition to being limited to select models, there is a standard set of requirements your Maserati must meet in order to qualify for the Maserati Extended Warranty and the Maserati Limited Extended Warranty:

  • All routine maintenance must have been completed by an Authorized Service Center, in addition to any repairs required by mandatory service/recall campaigns released by Maserati
  • The vehicle must not have been in any serious accidents, and none of its systems can have been damaged
  • The vehicle must never have been raced in a competition
  • The vehicle must not have been stolen

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