Keeping Time

There’s something iconic and timeless about the Maserati brand. Maserati models offer luxury in the traditional sense of the word – from supple leather to rich finishes, the interior of a Maserati is a den of delight and a joy to the senses. But new Maserati models also feature the latest in driver-assistance developments, infotainment technologies, and more, making them as modern if not more modern than anything else on the road. That’s as true for the entry-level, yet incredibly equipped Maserati Ghibli sedan. This Maserati model offers what all other models offer – a rich heritage. The iconic clock that sits center-dash is proof of this. Why include an analog clock when a digital one would suffice? Though the Maserati could include a digital clock as a mark of its modernity, an analog clock is included, instead. What’s the significance of this? For starters, analog clocks are timeless, and tied to tradition. They’re simple, but elegant. And, in an age where more and more people are looking to their phones to check the time, an analog clock is a reminder of time gone by – literally and figuratively. The analog clock in the Maserati Ghibli is proof of the kind of attention-to-detail that goes into each and every new Maserati model. Everything in a Maserati is there by design, with purpose. Want to explore more about the Ghibli or other Maserati models? Contact us today here at Rusnak Maserati of Pasadena.

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