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The person of few words speaks in short sentences. Demands executive summaries. Cuts through the fluff and the drivel. Moderates the conversation. Cleans up the diction. Gets to the heart and soul of the matter. Gets where they’re going quickly and efficiently. Is this you?

The loquacious one is much more inclined to tangents; following the whims of wherever they go, this extroverted flower enjoys taking the scenic route. Stopping en route to work, they decide to stop and smell the roses. And they make sure to tell everyone about their experience, too. Is this you?

The ambivert straddles the divide between the talkative and the selectively mute. Making their point with ease and efficiency, this type of person has the skill-in-means necessary to know when to temper their speed, and when to go full-throttle. Is this you?

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No matter who you are, the versatile Maserati Ghibli was made for you. This versatile luxury sedan doubles as a four-door sports-car. Like the adaptable ambivert, the Ghibli is extremely versatile. It’s safe, but athletic; bold, but comfortable; exclusive, but attainable.

The Maserati Ghibli is made for all of the many types of people of the world – far beyond the three character studies we’ve depicted above. But is it a car for you? There’s only one way to find out. Test drive one.

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