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Your new or Certified Pre-Owned Maserati requires quality parts. For the highest quality available, using only genuine Maserati Ghibli accessories or GranTurismo wheels is the only way to go. That’s because genuine OEM Maserati parts were made by the manufacturer specifically with your Maserati car or SUV in mind! What’s more, our Maserati car service specialists depend on them to keep vehicles in excellent condition. What does that mean for you? It all leads to a better performing, more efficient vehicle that will last you for many miles to come. The same can’t necessarily be said for aftermarket or non-brand parts.

Order Maserati Wheels & More Online

If you already know what part you need, be sure to fill out our online parts ordering form. We’ll grab the part you need and have it sent to your door in Los Angeles or Pasadena. Or, if you’re not sure, come see us in person. We’re happy to identify a specific part for any job here at 297 W. Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, California. Our service technicians are here to complete routine service like an oil change in Pasadena at a fair price, as well a make all associated parts installations go smoothly.

Why Buy OEM Maserati Parts from Us?

We’ve touched upon it a little bit, but allow us to drive our point home. You’ve spent good money on a car as exclusive and fine-tuned as a Maserati. It doesn’t matter if you drive a new Maserati or a used luxury car near Glendale. It doesn’t matter if you drive a convertible around Pasadena or a luxury SUV. Your Maserati is a source of pride for you, in addition to being a source of joy.

There’s a reason your car service schedule calls for OEM parts. Why chance turning a joy-inducing driving experience into an accident waiting to happen? While many aftermarket parts may get the job done for at least a time, they aren’t made to the same stringent standards or specifications as the genuine Maserati parts we use here at our qualified Maserati dealership and parts center. When you do use OEM parts, though, you can expect:

  • Better fit with fewer gaps and seams
  • Increased durability
  • Time-tested design tailored to your Maserati
  • High-quality craftsmanship

Let Us Install Your Auto Parts in Pasadena

Searching for a service shop on which you can rely to have your parts installed near Pasadena? We not only provide your car parts and tires in Pasadena, but we’re also happy to fit them to your car for you! Our service technicians and Pasadena auto collision repair experts have the training and hands-on experience needed to provide the kind of car repair you’d expect on your Maserati.

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Whether you want to order parts, or you’d like to schedule a service appointment to have new parts installed, feel free to use our convenient parts request form below, or reach out to us today at 866-761-4848. We look forward to equipping you with the quality parts you need for your Maserati! We can also assist if you’re looking for a tire shop in Pasadena and need new tires for your Maserati.

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