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5 Signs Your Maserati Is Due for Tire Change Service

Maserati drivers in Los Angeles can attest to the superior ride quality their luxury high-performer delivers on local streets and freeways, but even these engineering masterpieces will require a tire change after enough time has passed – it’s one of very few areas in which your Maserati is just like any other car on the road. Below, the service center at Rusnak Maserati of Pasadena outlines the top 5 signs your Maserati is due for tire change service.



1. Diminishing Tread Depth

Exactly how often should you change your tires? The answer can vary wildly depending on tire type as well as where, how often, and how you drive. If you’re just running errands around Pasadena most days and you have the factory-equipped tires on your Maserati, you’ll probably get more miles out of them than a driver who races their car or partakes in light off-roading in their SUV. 

In any case, your tire tread depth is one of the clearest indicators as to when you need tire change service. When your tires are new, they should have a tread-depth of roughly 10/32” or 12/32” – that’s roughly ⅓ of an inch. When the tread depth reaches 2/32” or less, it’s time for a replacement. 

2. Vibrations When Driving or Braking

Feeling a slight vibration when you coast to stop or when you’re driving along on a not-so-smooth road? This is certainly out of the normal for Maserati vehicles, as they’re designed for a comfortable ride quality in all conditions. If you’re experiencing shaking or vibrating, it could very well be caused by an urgent need for new tires. Check your treads and schedule service accordingly; even if the treads are fine, the shaking should be cause for concern and is something that you shouldn’t delay addressing.

3. Your Tires Lose Air Inexplicably

Having trouble getting your tires to maintain proper air pressure? This is often caused by excess wear. It’s recommended to check your tire pressure at least once per month, especially when we’re experiencing temperature fluctuations in Southern California. 

4. Cracked or Thin Tire Walls

Tire wear can accrue even if you’re not driving your vehicle very regularly. Elements like the sun’s intense UV rays and even rainwater can cause thinning and cracking of tire walls, and this type of wear might occur even more quickly than general tread wear. If your tread wear is okay but you’re seeing cracks in the sides of your tires, you’ll want to replace them soon.

5. Bubbles and Blistering

Also occurring in the tire walls, bubbles or blisters are indicative of severe damage to the tire lining. It’s not likely that this issue was caused by normal wear and tear, but rather that recent impact with a curb or pothole resulted in a rupture. Tire bubbles and blisters indicate a potential for a tire blowout when you’re driving in Glendale, so you should get a prompt replacement if you’re noticing this issue.

Schedule Maserati Tire Change Service at Rusnak Maserati of Pasadena

Have lingering questions about how often you should change your tires or how to tell that replacement is necessary? Give us a call at (844) 242-3345 or contact us online to start a conversation today! When your Maserati needs new tires, our team of experts will help you find the right set for the right price

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