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How to Follow Up On a Maserati Recall

When you purchase a new Maserati from Rusnak Maserati of Pasadena, you become a part of the Rusnak Auto Group family. From helping you find your perfect new Ghibli sports car or Levante SUV to providing service and maintenance support moving forward, we’re here to serve you. Occasionally, that means helping you stay informed on Maserati recalls. In the event of a recall that affects Maserati vehicles, all registered owners will receive an official notification from the OEM with steps on how to move forward. Or, you can do a quick search online to learn about any active recalls. With that said, you can learn how to follow up on a Maserati recall, below!



What is a Recall?

If an OEM like Maserati or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) determines that a vehicle, its mechanical equipment, or its tires create an unreasonable safety risk or do not meet minimum safety standards, the model at issue will be put under recall. Auto manufacturers are held responsible to resolve the issue for drivers with a complimentary repair or component replacement, or in some cases, a full refund.

How to Do a Recall Check for Your Maserati Online

Although Maserati will serve registered drivers of its vehicles with official notification of any Maserati recalls, they’ve also made it simple to do a quick recall check for Maserati online. Simply navigate to the official Maserati recalls page and enter your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) in the space provided, then click “Search.” 

If there is any current information relating to your vehicle, you will see it outlined. Below the bar where you enter your VIN number, you can also see the date that Maserati recall information was last updated. 

Why Is it Important to Follow Up On Maserati Recalls?

All Maserati vehicles are held to exceptionally high engineering standards, so recalls are not a frequent occurrence. Should you ever receive notification of a safety recall, the issue will be resolved at no cost to you. Safety recalls for all auto brands remain on record forever, but it’s vital that you follow up without delay. Our authorized Maserati service center makes it hassle-free to do so, and it’s the best way to ensure your vehicle can keep not just you safe as you travel through Pasadena, but also your passengers and other motorists. 

Have Questions? Contact Us to Learn More

With any lingering questions about how to follow up on a Maserati recall or to schedule maintenance for your luxury vehicle, our service experts are just a phone call away at . Or, you can get in touch with us online. Rusnak Maserati of Pasadena is proud to serve drivers from Los Angeles to Glendale with a first-class Maserati ownership experience. 

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