Should I Buy or Should I Lease?

April 30th, 2019 by

“Should I buy my next Maserati or lease it?” – that’s a common question we get here at Rusnak Maserati. And the answer largely depends on where your priorities lie. If you’re focused more on the having a new vehicle and also want to pay less monthly, leasing might be right for you. If, on the other hand you think you’d rather own your vehicle and eventually have no payments to make, but don’t mind driving something slightly older, then buying might be a better choice.

Compare Leasing vs. Buying

Lease financing is a way to pay for your next vehicle that involves paying off a portion of its value over a pre-determined period of time – usually 24-39 months. Leasing gives you access to a brand-new vehicle every couple of years with the latest technologies, conveniences, and features. What’s more, since you’re not paying off the whole value of the car plus interest, leasing tends to be more affordable on a monthly basis than buying. On the other hand, you never own your vehicle when you lease, and there are often mileage restrictions.

Buying, conversely, often costs more monthly, but when you trade in your vehicle, you have residual value leftover to apply towards your next purchase. Plus, once you pay off your vehicle, you own it. That said, your finance agreement may be equal to or longer than the length of time your new vehicle limited warranty lasts, putting you on-the-hook for any repairs you may need after you pay off your vehicle. That could, in turn, potentially mitigate the financial merits of buying, residual value notwithstanding.

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There’s much more to explore if you’re thinking about leasing vs. buying one of our new Maserati cars or SUVs here at Rusnak Maserati of Pasadena. If interested in comparing which option is better for you, contact us online or by phone today and we’ll be happy to further assist you!