What Is a Vehicle Alignment & Why Do I Need One for My Maserati?

March 27th, 2019 by

Picture this – you’re driving your Maserati normally, and your tires keep wearing unevenly. Or maybe as you accelerate or turn, you feel it pulling to one side or another. If you’ve ever experienced either or both of the above issues, it’s likely your Maserati is in need of a four-wheel alignment.

When & Why Do I Need to My Car Aligned?

If you feel the above issues, you probably need an alignment, but you should also have alignments completed on your vehicle every time you get your tires rotated. And it’s a good idea to get your vehicle checked for proper alignment once annually. Why align your vehicle at all? Doing so properly calibrates the angles in your Maserati’s precision-engineered suspension system, making sure it handles as it should, and protecting your tires.

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