What’s In A Logo? For Maserati, It’s Power, Prestige, and Tradition

May 2nd, 2018 by

What’s in a logo? It’s no secret that these modes of symbolic communication are, at their heart, intended to convey what a company stands for. In the automotive industry, logos are especially important. Cars, trucks, and SUVs of modernity – including, of course, Maserati vehicles – proudly wear logos, or emblems, in many places. On quarter panels. In the center of the front grille or hood. Embossed into the upholstery or leather. Inside the clock. Stamped onto OEM parts. With such prevalence, we often take for granted these little logos.

Maserati, however, doesn’t take its logo for granted. In fact, a lot of thought has gone into the trident – or Saetta logo – that new Maserati vehicles proudly bear as a mark of distinction and instant brand recognition. Ever wondered what Maserati’s Saetta logo, or trident, represents, and how it came to be?

Origins of the Maserati Trident

It all began about 100 years ago when in the late 1900s, the Maserati brothers were searching for a logo that would be the ideal face for their Italian automotive company. The logo, these brothers Maserati figured, should both tie their company to its origins in Italy, and also denote great power and promise.

The brothers Maserati eventually settled on the trident of Neptune, of which a great statue stood in their hometown of Bologna, Italy. This trident, which of course we know all know as the Maserati logo, or Saetta logo, thus, ties each new Maserati to its origins and also reminds buyers of what they get when they purchase or lease any new Maserati model – unbridled power and performance potential that’s practically divine!

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