Wheel Repair

Maserati Wheel Repair and Powder Coating Service in Pasadena

Rusnak Maserati of Pasadena currently works with an outside vendor to offer a service for both cosmetic wheel repair and powder coating for a custom look.

finished wheel product GT

Wheel Repair

Alloy wheel repair service includes performing wheel refinishing and reconditioning, polishing and optional repainting.

Wheel Repair Pricing

  • Starting at $125 per wheel*

*Pricing for typical curb scratches. Cost dependent upon extent of damage (bent or any other major damage). Offer subject to change.

Powder Coating

In order to add a custom sport look, black-out your wheels with our powder coating service.

Powder Coating Pricing

  • Set of four (4) starting at $899**

**Pricing dependent upon wheel size, aftermarket vs. stock wheels, etc.